Re: QCX-Mini 40m – low audio and odd IC9 voltages

howard winwood G4GPF

you should be aware (if you have looked at Hans video for alignment) that the IQ balance adjustments DO go down and the appear to go up again, it may do this two or three  times, each time it should be getting lower until it will not top any lower, look at ALL there info on the LCD screen it will give you a clue as to what is happening.
Do watch the video VERY carefully.

On 25 Mar 2021, at 19:54, kb8m@... wrote:

Thanks for the quick response!
Let me ask this...  I've gone thru the alignment procedure numerous times.  About the 3rd time thru, after setting the IQ-Bal, setting Low would go all the way to 00 before climbing back up. I have basically reset the 3 pots back to original and done it again.  I am able to set the BFO at 8 and sometimes 9. The volume is ALMOST uncomfortable but not quite.  Then I go thru the alignment procedure.  Since I am able to make all adjustments it seems to be working... just me.  But the side tone, even set to 95-100 is extremely quite, as are most stations I hear.   When setting the pots for a minimum, should I stop if it starts to go below, say 6? And then set the low and high pots?
I'll go back and do the checks Ron mentioned.

I appreciate the help!

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