Re: Short?


Hello Mark, do a few more attempts in troubleshooting, go back a bit when you soldered all the pins on the LCD, I did differently, I soldered the pins on the LCD first, cut the longer ones on the underside I  I parked all the welds with a toothbrush and checked with a magnifying glass, then I welded the pins on the LCD port board and redone the whole cleaning step.  I suspect the R47 trimmer has something.  if you have a tin sucker try to unsolder it paying attention to the melting temperature, check it with a DVM and make sure it has not been positioned in the wrong direction.  then switch to the 2x4 IU connection pin.  Check and double check that a few pieces of lead or wire of various components have ended up in the wrong place causing a short circuit.  Hope you can solve the problem.  good day.  73 iu8eun Peppe

Il gio 25 mar 2021, 01:29 Mark <radiosportdx@...> ha scritto:
Hi Peppe,
yes 1 blade was hitting the electrolytic cap below the display. Fixed that but problems remain.
on a previous easy build, the checkpoints were marked for each component.
I assume checkpoint to ground with the would I check r47?
should there be continuity in the UI header pins mentioned above?


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