Wowed by WSPR!


I decided to find out what this WSPR was all about mentioned in the QCX documentaition.  After a bit of Googling and reading Hans' excellent operating instructions I had my 30m QCX+ set up to go.
Now I should say that my antenna for 30m is the proverbial piece of wet string.  Quarter wave 2m high at one end and 4m high at the other and with a quarter wave counterpoise, fed by a feeder of twisted flex.  Needless to say, not particularly impressive!  So, I wasn't expecting much when I logged onto and checked the map.  Imagine my surprise when i found my 4W of RF had been heard all over Europe and as far as Iceland and right across the "Pond" in New York!  A few frames later I had 5 Stateside stations with the longest distance at 6900 km.  After my daily exercise walk and a spot of lunch, I fired up the WSPR again and this time was absolutely gobsmacked  (Northern English expression!) to see that I had been detected in Australia by VK7JJ at 17313 km.

My rubbish antenna normallly allows me to work around Europe on CW, but it just staggers me that 4W of RF can get to Australia using the extreme narrow band WSPR coding. Awesome!
(Picture attached showing the 3 Australian stations receiving my signals.)
Peter Lee

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