howard winwood G4GPF

your symptoms would suggest that the tabs at the back of the lcd display may just need a slight twist to tighten the display cover and thereby press the lcd screen onto the connecting strip(internal).

On 7 Mar 2021, at 15:42, nz0tham@... wrote:

My QCX+ LCD was also defective when I got it. It would only display part of the display until the bezel around the LCD was pressed in. Then it worked fine.  I tried re-flowing all the solder joints with no luck. I have a couple of good LCD displays but trying to replace the bad one was not something I wanted to do nor did I want to tray and get another one from QRP Labs with how busy they are.  So I solved the problem by putting some of the packing foam from the box my QCX+ came around the edge of the display that squeezed the display enough when the nylon screws were installed that the display works fine. Disappointing?  Yes, but it works so all worked out OK.

73, Bill NZ0T

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