Re: QCX mini unstable I-Q bal #alignment #qcxmini

howard winwood G4GPF

looks like something may be touching when you press, take the boards out of the case, plug together and check that nothing is touching, especially the tabs on the LCD.

On 5 Mar 2021, at 17:22, M0JLA <radio@...> wrote:

When I started to align my 10m QCX mini I noticed that the  readings for I-Q bal (menu 8.8) appeared to be unstable.  Several days on and numerous re-solderings and measurements I am no further forward. apart from observing that downward pressure on any of the potentiometers causes the reading to change - sometimes by a lot.  Defective joint somewhere?  I have inspected, prodded (insulated tool!) and brushed and all to no avail.   It is running now and in the past hour the index value has changed from 07 to 10 without any  action by me.  When I last tried them the Lo and Hi settings were even more unstable.  Any suggestions, please.  Rod

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