Re: QCX-Mini Mechanical Problem with LCD Display #qcxmini

howard winwood G4GPF

It is mentioned in the build instructions, just bending one tab should not affect the display. I had to do the same on mine.

On 2 Mar 2021, at 15:14, Lee <mlhooper1@...> wrote:

On the reverse side of the LCD Display board are 6 metal tabs that hold its metal bezel in place.  During construction, I discovered that two of these tabs interfered with C24 (470) and R24/27 (multi-turn pots).

When I first tried to mate the display board to the main board, I noticed that when I pushed down on the right side of the display board the left side went up and visa versa. This problem was resolved when I re-oriented the tab to avoid mechanical interference.  

Hope this didn't damage the display... Plan to power up the Mini for the first time later today.  Guess I will find out then whether the display was affected!!!

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