Re: Weird WSPR decode anomaly - Probably a FEC problem with wspr decoding software

Hans Summers

Hello Alan
>as I know it is not done in the WSJT-X
> software for WSPR at all;


It is, the "hashtable" I referred to.

My understanding is that the hashtable is only used for the type 2 and type 3 WSPR transmissions, which are "extended" type transmissions, for callsigns with prefixes or for transmitting 6-character callsigns. 

QCX is only capable of the standard type 1 WSPR transmission. The Ultimate3S kit can do type 2/3 (extended). 
It may be disabled by disabling the "Deep" decode. But that just stops
you from making a small number of false decodes.

I have seen that setting but I don't think it is applicable to WSPR. 

I could be wrong - but I am fairly familiar with the WSJT-X documentation and I don't see anywhere in the documentation that would prove me wrong... am I missing something? 

73 Hans G0UPL 

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