Re: Weird WSPR decode anomaly - Probably a FEC problem with wspr decoding software

Alan G4ZFQ

Ron Carr wrote:
The receiving software keeps a database that it uses to match complex calls and 6 character grid squares to the correct call.  And the matching algorithm is not perfect as I believe it uses a hash or similar scheme.  I could see something like this happening if you or he used a call like  K1URC/3   or a grid like FN54fk.

Yes, some decodes are difficult or impossible to fathom. Due to the hashtable feature complex calls are suspect and best not used if not really required.
Was there a complex call involved?
You did the right thing, check how many others spotted the "transmission", whether propagation even was possible.
This one seems very strange but so do some other false decodes.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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