Re: qcx20 #20m mini #20m

Hans Summers

Hi Don

I'm sorry, I have been so busy so far, I have not had a chance to update the manual... 

Yes, please follow the markings on the board. D33, C21 and C22 were all moved slightly to make room for the larger 78M05 voltage regulator (larger than the previous AMS1117). 

Also please note that step 3.42, adding a 10uF electrolytic or tantalum capacitor in parallel with C38, is NOT required nor recommended on Rev 2 boards. The existing C38 is correctly rated and is perfectly adequate. 

I have not had a chance yet to update the manual but I have just now added a prominent note in red font, to the QCX-mini web page see

73 Hans G0UPL

On Thu, Feb 25, 2021 at 8:37 AM Don Blachura via <> wrote:
I am starting the build for the qcx-mini (20 meters). Noticed that the main board is different then the manual.
c21 and c22 are both vertical and so is d33.
Am I on the rite track following the markings on the main board?


Sorry if I missed the mod.

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