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Brad G

Giuseppe I am going to try to build a portable wire antenna for SOTA work when I hike in the mountains.  I ordered one from the QRP Guys website and am going try it out to see how it works.  I’ll let you know.  It would be easy to put up and then take down as needed.  My CWOps instructor uses a chalk line holder to hold his wire.  He can pull out enough length for the band he is using and then wind it all back up when he’s done.  He just marks the wire for each band so he knows how much to pull out.  I’m building a second U3S and it was way under powered.  You should get at least 200 milliwatts.  I missed soldering a pin on the synth module and that’s why my power output was low.  Also it’s important to get the calibration right.  Otherwise you won’t get any spots.  I use the GPS and start with a large step of 50 and then drop it down to 1 once it stops making adjustments.  Then the spots start showing up!  The suggestions others offered on my post were invaluable.  Last, my great grandfather came to America from Lucca, Sicula in the late 1800’s.  I still have relatives there but have never been to visit.  Maybe some day.

73 Brad / K0WET

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