Re: QCX+ Audio Eventually Fades Away

Hans Summers

Hi William
No worries. @ 75 I am rarely offended nor execute my 2nd Amendments rights  on anyone anymore...As I said: I am not trying to bad mouth Hans' kits, only his choice of components to keep his kits @ a "GREAT PRICE RANGE". "You get what you pay for''. But, I would be happy to pay more for better components and a double sided pcb that makes it easy to replace components at will versus how small the kit is and if you can fit it into your lunch bucket

The PCB already *IS* double sided and is a professional quality FR4 PCB with through-hole plating, solder mask, silkscreen, the works. 

The Si5351A you buy locally will I assume, be the same quality as the one I supply in the kit. There is only ONE source of Si5351A, which is SiLabs. I buy my reels from Digikey, Mouser and Arrow (depending who has stock and a minor difference of a cent or two in price). 

I am not aware that any of the components have quality issues, but for sure nothing is 100.0%... and one of the perils of producing a kit is that you have no opportunity to test the finished product before shipping. Because it is the customer himself who finishes the product. 

As Howard sad entirely correctly, the first instinct of most people with a problem, is to suspect defective components. Indeed, sometimes there really IS a defective component. But it's 10x more likely to be a construction error. 

73 Hans G0UPL

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