Re: QCX+ SSB mod documentation


i try to build the QCX+ with Guido's mods and I'm running out of ideas. Thanks for this latest documentation, very helpull, but still, I can not bring it alive.  I have it done as shown, wire by wire. When I start it the SW reports two errors:
!!V5.0=2.76V and

When verifying the mods as documented with the schema that Guido published I particularly see one thing that is inconsistent in the docu: The white wire from lower C39 to middle R27: That basically is a wire from IC5 Pin 1 (output of OpAmp) to R53 which goes directly into ADC of the ATMega , Pin 24. I do not see such a link in Guidos schema. The outputs of the two OpAmps go into a capaciter C39 and C40 but not into a resistor R53. The Guido schema is different then the described mods on the PCB. Help would highly be apreciated. Thanks

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