Re: Qcx keyer erratic

Jim Painter

Trying to do QCX challenge on 20m. My keyer was so screwed up I couldn’t answer anyone. Decided to do a reset on the QCX. Started working fine. Reset had set speed back to 12wpm. When I crank up to 15 wpm starts giving extra dit and dahs. Sometimes misses dits and dahs. I have no problem with 15wpm on my other rigs. Guess I’ll just leave it at 12wpm.

Hans, do you have any ideas. My fist is not great but I’ve always been able to handle 15wpm.


On Feb 22, 2021, at 10:30 AM, Daniel Walter via <nm3a@...> wrote:

Auto Space off? Typo?
73, Dan  NM3A

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