Re: QCX Challenge Feb 2021

Hans Summers

Hi Luc, all

Well there comes a point where the workload is evidently and undeniably so overwhelmingly enormous, and it is apparent that abstinence from QCX QSO parties would hardly even inflict a minor dent on the mountain. At which point it makes sense to throw one's hands up in the air, and in the interests of avoidance of insanity, to take an hour to relax at the key. So expect me around 14056+/-some with QCX+ and QRP Labs 50W PA, output power on 20m is about 43W to the dummy load, as measured just now. I have logged into too. 

73 Hans TA4/G0UPL

On Sat, Feb 20, 2021 at 10:54 AM ON7DQ Luc <on7dq@...> wrote:
Hi Folks,

coming up next Monday, Feb 22nd, is the next edition of the QCX Challenge

more info:

please log in to this sked page:
Use your callsign (a password is optional, but it will protect your Profile data)
Press the "Back" button to appear on the list at the right.

It will make it easier to find other QCX operators.

Last time I blew a FET in my amplifier just before the Chalenge, ouch.
I had switched the wrong LPF (stupid me)... so I had to operate QRP.
It's now repaired (and I'm looking into an automatic SWR protection for the future ... hi), so I will be running 40W on 20m and 50W on 40m.

GL es 73,

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