TXCO mini....thank you Hans

Vernon Matheson

I had bought a couple of the new mini TXCO's when I bought my QCX+ but never used them. After reading Tony's note it reminded me to install one on one of my U3S units. Did that today and this little TXCO is absolutely awesome.
On start up it did a calibration and was right on frequency. Previously with the regular 27mhz xtal I would just get a bunch of slashes at an angle from 30meters up on a basic QRSS and CW

It took the chirp right out of a QRSS signal on the higher bands and everything is smack on frequency. Five stars from here.

Also thanks to Tony for unknowingly reminding me to use one on the U3S and confirming my hookup.

And again really big thanks to Hans for providing this...it just makes the U3S even more professional.


Vernon - VE1VDM

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