Re: QCX for 2m VHF? #chat #qcx #vhf #mods


Next:  Agreed, BS170 won't work at 2m.  You should be able to get some signal at 144 MHz out of a BSN20-7 MOSFET or others.  But driving it with the QCX's 74ACT00 might not work.  I've inserted a similar device into the PA on my U3S.  It improves drive a bit on 6m but nothing gets through on 2m.  2m works, albeit weakly, without the inserted ACT gate.
A potential solution:  Drive the
BSN20-7 from the Si5351a via a capacitor as is done with the U3S, leaving the 74ACT00 out of the chain.  Have the TX line supply gate bias via a variable resistor.  See the U3S schematic diagram.
Could a good receive converter be simpler, cheaper, and faster (time between order and receipt) than an inexpensive, full transverter?  I haven't worked with transverters yet, though one I ordered almost a year ago awaits.
Halden VE7UTS

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