Re: QCX for 2m VHF? #chat #qcx #vhf #mods

Jim Mcilroy

To follow from my last post, and my errors for ambiguity as I see and agree with Allison’s comments.

I guess the original question could be read as ‘wouldn’t it be great if….’  and the answer is that it wouldn’t be possible for the QCX design to stretch that far.

On 8 Feb 2021, at 17:51, Jim Mcilroy via <gts53@...> wrote:

Fair comment.

I must confess that I assumed that most hams would know the distinct differences between HF and VHF design and construction.

On 8 Feb 2021, at 16:29, Jim Allyn - N7JA <jim@...> wrote:

On Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 03:27 PM, Jim Mcilroy wrote:
I worked on the basis that the 17m band was the top limit of what Hans offered and went from there, which introduced the term transverter.

Not what the original poster asked.  He asked if the QCX design could be used at VHF. I commented on one aspect of doing so.

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