Re: QLG1 retirement; new QLG2 module provides many improvements

Hans Summers

Hi Joe
It would be very cool if the new GPS had the ability to do RTK.

According to the datasheet of the E108-GP01 module it supports: 
GPS (US), Galileo (Europe), Glonass (Russia), BDS (China), QZSS (Japan) and SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation Systems). 
There is no mention of RTK. 

By the way I met a government surveyor clutching a pole on top of which was a disk-shaped apparatus and a corresponding handheld unit. Incredibly, the entire country here is mapped to a very fine resolution and the land ownership, location of roads etc., is all centrally computerized in this system. So I asked him about his unit but he just said it's a GPS. So I said OK, what is the accuracy. He replied, 3cm... I said, OK, I'm going to steal it from you. But he didn't recommend that. So I said OK how much can I buy one for... he said, about $10,000...

73 Hans G0UPL

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