Re: QLG1 retirement; new QLG2 module provides many improvements

Bob M.

Nice product. I'm wondering why you used a USB-B connector rather than either of the 5-pin mini or micro USB connectors? That might have made the footprint a bit smaller, unless you already had plenty of room. Or were you more interested in good shielding? Or are the mini and micro USB connectors too hard to solder to a circuit board (most are meant for surface-mounting)?

There seem to be an awful lot of connection points around the outer edge of the board. Some are obvious but why so many? Or are these going away in the final product?

I'm currently running a GPSDO with an outdoor "puck" antenna as we call them here. Mine has a thin magnet on the base, and I fashioned a small ground plane about 8x8 that's mounted to the peak of my roof with an angle bracket. The antenna is stuck to that plate and hasn't moved yet. I wonder if the GPS antenna that comes with this unit also has a magnet on the bottom, or do you leave mounting and installation "as an exercise for the student" as the college text books used to say?

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