Re: QCX for 2m VHF? #chat #qcx #vhf #mods


From my perspective....

Doing even 6M using QCX as a foundation is not without issues.
However doing 2M  is wishful thinking and the only way is a
transverter as then you keep all the QCX features.

The major issues,  Board layout for TX and RX are not aimed at VHF.
The FST switch is not anywhere near fast enough.  The class E output
stages are extremely difficult at VHF and requires parts and layout that
would not easily be done as a kit.  To meet VHF requirements (FCC-PTT)
is more difficult.  Also a RF amp [lna] for RX is needed to keep RF
leakage from the mixer from the antenna and insure adequate RF
sensitivity for VHF use.  Also the 5351 will be pushed hard to do 
the required quadrature LO signals if its possible at all.  

Building 2M gear is a whole other level, I do it but experience and
willingness to fail is assumed.  Also I have a bench of test gear
needed to tune, adjust and test the performance.

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