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Roger Hill

Hi Alan:

I have been wasting time too, trying to write a small program to pull down large amounts of data from the website. Running into difficulty with passing the parameters to get what I want. So fiddling around to pass a boring Sunday morning in lockdown.

Roger Hill

On 2021-02-07 10:53, Alan G4ZFQ wrote:
I've been wasting time, attached some charts with different presentations.
All data derived from spots I made.
It does not seem too easy to show something representing the usage of
the 200Hz segments.
For 20m Population I split the spots into 10Hz chunks and plotted. It
struck me that locally any 24/7 stations could skew results.
100 is 1500Hz, centre of the WSPR segment.
20m uniques covers 2 weeks, one spot per station. The number for each
Hz was calculated here
The centre heavily populated and sub-peaks. Maybe there is a subtle
logic to the way frequencies are selected?
The 60m plot was fewer samples, again showing clumps and gaps where I
made no spots in 2 weeks.
The 20m waterfall shows the last 90 minutes, about 250 spots. Not
setup particularly well.
Of course it is unknown how significant frequency collisions are.
They probably rarely make much difference but it would be best to
avoid the centre area on busy bands.
73 Alan G4ZFQ

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