Re: QCX for 2m VHF? #chat #qcx #vhf #mods

Jim Mcilroy


Nice idea!

Maybe a QCX+ for the 17m band which is quiet, and an add on development board configured as a simple transverter.

Playing with numbers the L.O. could be 125.962 to 125.945

That would give a tuning range of 144.030 to 144.113 down converting to 18.068 to 18.168

Mixer could be ADE-1 or SBL-1

Jim  G4EQX

On 07/02/2021 12:59, Dick PA3CW wrote:
I am very much enjoying the QCX plus!  Recently we are more active with a group doing CW on 144.070 vhf.  I was looking for a nice VHF CW only tcvr design but here are none.  Would the QCX design not be able to make an VHF version?  Would love that!  Any ideas also welcome.
Dick PA3CW

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