Re: Qgl1 gps question

Jesus Christ on Toast

On Fri, Feb 5, 2021 at 04:08 PM, Art Olson wrote:
Built the gps module and plugged it into a rpi. Red and yellow leds are on but the yellow doesn’t flash and after an hour the the green never lit.  Where to start troubleshooting. Do I need something loaded on the rpi? 
Not sure what you're trying to achieve here with a Pi.

Are you atempting to use a QLG1 as a time source for a Pi ?

As I understand it, you need to install gpsd - in the terminal type "sudo apt-get install gpsd" and then read the docs
on what command line you need to run it.

It's something that I keep meaning to expriment with too at some point.

I understand that a GPS module can be interfaced to the Pi using the GPIO bus at 3.3v levels or USB.

That's all I can offer at this time, since I have plenty of Pi's, but no spare GPS modules set up to experiment further.

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