Re: #qcx #qcx

Tim Glennon



Here is a paragraph that I copied from a TI spec

on " LM7805MP/NOPB  " regulators.  Could this be whats happening 

with the 5 Volt regulator, the center pin of the power

connector is making before the ground side thus causing

the full supply voltage to be present on the output of

the 5 volt regulator>


"  8.1.3 Regulator Floating Ground 

When the ground pin alone becomes disconnected, the output approaches the unregulated input, causing possible damage to other circuits connected to VOUT. If ground is reconnected with power ON, damage may also occur to the regulator. This fault is most likely to occur when plugging in regulators or modules with on card regulators into powered up sockets. The power must be turned off first, the thermal limit ceases operating, or the ground must be connected first if power must be left on. See Figure 16."







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