Re: QCX-mini batch 2 update

Mont Pierce KM6WT

On Tue, Jan 26, 2021 at 09:51 AM, Fred Spinner wrote:
You don't use a 15V absolute max regulator at 13.8V.  You don't need a production test engineer like me to tell you that.  There I said it! 
In an actual commercial product those first boards would have been recalled and scrapped. 
Fred, I agree, to a point.

As I've stated some time ago, I would have been scared to death to do 1000 boards on first run, with new design.

I think Hans just got overly anxious to please everyone by shipping before Christmas...
Perhaps an initial run of a few hundred for PCB version 1.0 would have flushed out the issues before going all out.

Anyways, just an opinion, not really knowing/understanding all the ins and outs, in QL's business.

I think a lot of people really had fun, regardless...

What do they say about hindsight?


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