Re: Where to source replacement parts for QCX mini? #qcxmini #magicsmoke #parts

Ted 2E0THH

Hi Ian

I have to completely agree with Alan.
If you fault find your way through it you might find that the solution is just one faulty component.
If you have never done fault finding before it is fun and quite easy to learn (beyond Hans' guide, lots on youtube). I see a lot of talk on here about scatter gun approaches,  but the chances are that you might cause more issues with this approach, certainly working with SMT. It is much more satisfying to identify the fault through cool, logical diagnosis as Alan suggests.

For a probe, I use a piece of thin, solid core wire with only the tiniest (0.1mm) of conductor protruding from the insulation. This ensures that the likelihood of accidently shorting 2 pins on an SMD chip with the probe are virtually nil.

73s Ted

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