Re: A word of advice

howard winwood G4GPF

On 25 Jan 2021, at 17:15, Kurt Zimmerman <kurt@...> wrote:

What I do find rather puzzling is someone with an amateur radio license lacking the knowledge of basic electronics.  I say that because that area of electronics is covered as a part of the material needed to obtain a license.  That is something I just don't understand.

Neither do I, which is one of the points I raised.

I could understand someone wanting to get into electronics starting with no knowledge, but transceivers operating in the Ham bands need the operator to be licensed, therefore are not really suitable as normal electronic projects.
Hans describes these kits as SIMPLE, which in reality they are, but people seem to have a death wish in regards to following instructions.
Fair enough if you think your skills are such that you can assemble a kit just from the pcb/circuit diagram and a list of parts, and I am not doubting anyone in that regard - just remember, you are on your own buddy.
I have built multi band HF transceivers from mag articles AND got them working, but if Hans has gone to the trouble of producing a very in-depth  set of instructions with alignment instructions as well, I for one will follow them to the letter. It would be a disservice to Hans to do otherwise.
I would imagine it took Hans much longer to produce the documentation than it did to design the kit.

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