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howard winwood G4GPF

I do hope I did not come across as elitist, it certainly was not my intension, mearly to offer some advice to newbies, to avoid too much disappointment when things don’t work.
Whilst there are lots of people who have successfully built their own equipment, I CAN assure you NOT everything works first time.
We are all fallible and can make mistakes, sometimes really stupid ones, it is just that we have built up experience in troubleshooting that allows us to dig ourselves out of the deep hole we have got ourselves in.
That is what differentiates the experts from the beginners.
Please don’t be put off, just have your eyes wide open.
best wishes to everyone

On 23 Jan 2021, at 16:06, R. Tyson via <tysons2@...> wrote:

Excellent comments. It is obvious that some people are building these kits and have poor soldering abilities, we have seen some of the photos, or little or no experience of construction. The instructions are excellent and the products are excellent. It would be better for someone with no experience to start with some simpler projects. I begin to wonder when I see questions on where to obtain components, that does not indicate any previous experience of constructing. Everyone has to start somewhere but diving straight into a complex project is not necessarily a good idea. Gaining experience on soldering and easier projects would improve the prospects of having a working radio transceiver after assembling one of these kits. Work they do when assembled correctly, are value for money and great fun to use. An experienced constructor will usually have them working first time but that comes from experience.

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