Re: Puff of smoke, what now?

howard winwood G4GPF

Ah! Puff the magic dragon, I think most of us have been there at some point.
My last one was on a self build Quadcopter, a very small ball of solder got flicked off the end of the soldering iron and landed 
on the only place on the main circuit board where it could do any damage, and it did!
The main controller + 4 esc’s all on one board, dead before I could blink.
Sometimes the gods have it in for you, bite the bullet and move on.
Hope you have not done too much damage.

On 23 Jan 2021, at 13:51, N0IIV - Rob Sullivan <rbsllvn@...> wrote:

I'm still not sure what I did wrong but I was trying to test voltage on one of the transistors. Possibly had meter in ohms, not sure. Doesn't matter. Time to move on. I haven't messed with it since the show, but I guess I'll see what I can salvage and order the rest. What is a good source for parts? 

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