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Hi all,
First let me mention that Hans has updated the website today with these new rules, see
I will not go into a detailed response to each of the opinions/reactions above. As said, you can never please everyone, I'm fully aware of that.
But since I'm now the "manager", I'm supposed to say a few words, right ?
Now how did we come to these new rules?
- There is the result of the Poll (very topical these days ... democracy has to be respected, hi)
- We wanted to keep the time slots as they were, this means there is NO change needed to the 3830scores website
- One session a month means we have to include stations using an amplifier (QRP Labs or other), but it is no obligation to use one of course. 
As said, use the least power to make the contact, and if you can make it QRP, you get more points and of course your personal satisfaction.
- The suggested frequencies are by no means the only ones to use. If you feel you will upset your fellow QRP'ers, feel free to move away even further from the calling frequencies (but on 40m, also avoid the 'Pixie QRG' of 7024). Post your frequency on the sked page and we will find you.
As said, we don't 'own' a frequency, but we can still be courteous can't we?
I personally feel ashamed whenever I see a SOTA activator posting his frequency as exactly "7030" ... he may be operating QRP all right, but he's probably generating an enormous pile-up where many callers use kW amps these days.  
In any case, you know you should send QRL? a few times, before operating on ANY frequency, right?
- Why draw the line at 100W and not at 50W ? 
What if you build your own amplifier and it gives you 70W ?
It is the maximum power of most commercial rigs (set aside a few 200W rigs).
50W +/-3 dB is 25W to 100W. Simple math.
It's also the limit of the 'Low Power' category in several other contests or QSO parties, like those of the SKCC (where several of us are also members, like Hans, Peter, Mike, Ian and myself).
It's not in the rules, but read between the lines like this: "aim for 50W" when using the QRP Labs or other amplifier. 
Actually, the only people that really should be offended now, are those that are excluded of using their shiny expensive 1kW+ amplifier ... but we didn't want to make it even more complicated with a QRO+ category (like SKCC has).
And finally, don't misunderstand me, I am also 'pro QRP' (I built 3 QCX rigs, I am a member of the GQRP Club, EU QRP Foxhunt, etc), if you read the rules, you will see that QRP operation is actually encouraged ... only a 2 way QCX/QRP QSO is 5 points.
I hope to see lots of you on the air and on the sked page (even those five jokers that said they stuffed their QCX under a mattress, hi).
Let's make some noise .. and have some fun!
GL es 73,

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