Re: QCX Challenge - NEW RULES 2021 #qcx #qcxmini #contest #poll-notice

Allen N4NN

Thank you for volunteering Luc! Please let me contribute some comments to yours and others.

Despite my callsign I am not a contester. Been a ham for 3.5 years now and I'm not a purist about anything when it comes to radio! Have enjoyed everything I've tried so far but the most fun and pride I get is making QRP contacts using one of my QCXs! Especially the QCXx2 ones! My comments - for what they're worth. 

- The QCX is all about QRP. The name of Han's company is QRPLabs after all
- I feel separate categories are need - not a handicapping system. Went to 3030 and randomly picked about a dozen or so scores to look at and didn't see any  QSO counts higher than 20. With a 100 watts one contact a minute seems quite doable. Interestingly I saw the one below. 
Single Op HP 124 QSOs 121 Points
Single OP QRP 5 QSOs  11 Points
- Maybe use dB number difference between 5 and 100 watts as the differential multiplier?

I know things can get out of hand quickly - time on air, wire vs directional antennas, location, HOAs and on and on - but my opinion is this is not the event for QRO. That said I will be in party and cutting a rug! Good luck to all and thanks!

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