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Hi folks,

Hans has asked me to be the ‘unofficial’ QCX Challenge Manager, which I gladly accepted.

It’s one less thing to worry for Hans, I think he can use his time better to ship out some more QCX- mini’s and other products!

Some time ago we had a Poll about the future of the QCX Challenge, and here is the result (see attached screenshot).

So with a majority of 33 votes, the decision is to have only ONE QCX Challenge each month, on the last Monday, with a mix of QRP and QRO, and a new scoring system.

I have asked Hans to make the necessary changes to the website but in the mean time, please find a copy of the new rules below (print or save to your computer).

The Chat function in this newsgroup is not the most practical, so please join us on this sked page:
QRP sked page (instructions below). It is very helpful to post your operating frequency in your Status field. Try it out before the start of the Challenge.

I hope to hear many QCX/QCX+/QCX-mini’s on the air next  Monday.




QCX Challenge Rules

When: Last Monday of the month 1300z  to 1400z, 1900z to 2000z and 0300z to 0400z (note, this is the LAST session, it is technically Tuesday 0300-0400Z, but will be Monday evening local time in the Americas).

Bands: 20m 40m 80m

When operating QRP, suggested frequencies are 1 to 3 kHz below the QRP calling frequencies (14.060, 7.030, 3.560 respectively*).
When operating QRO, suggested frequencies are 3 to 5 kHz below those frequencies.
   * If your region has other QRP calling frequencies, adjust accordingly.
Please spread out and use spotting aids (see below) to see where people are.
Of course, QSOs anywhere on the band can be counted.

Mode: CW

Focus: Worldwide


·         Any QCX/QSX running without or with an external amplifier of up to 100W = a ‘QCX operator’

·         Any other radio (QRP up to legal max, but it is advised not to use more than 100W)

·         Only stations using a QCX/QSX can enter their scores on the 3830scores  website


·         Use of high gain antennas is allowed

·         Spotting is encouraged. QRP signals can be weak and it helps to know where to look.

    • The Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) is an excellent tool (http://beta.reversebeacon.net/main.php), and this interpretation of RBN data helps to see where people are on the band (https://dxcluster.ha8tks.hu/rbn_ct1boh/). Use the sliders to narrow down the frequency range.
    • To increase the chances of finding each other, it is advised to use this QRP sked page
      You can login to that page without a password, but it is better to use one, it protects your profile data (click the word Profile ).
      After logging in, click the word Back to become visible in the user list, and fill in the Status box (e.g. with the frequency where you’re calling CQ), and click the Set button

·         Any feature of the QCX/QSX is allowed – specifically for the avoidance of doubt this includes the use of message banks, keyer, the inbuilt decoder and any other standard functionality

: to keep things fun, it is advised not to use more than 100W

Minimum Exchange: true RST, name, rig, power  ( optional info: QTH, antenna, WX, …)
                                   If signals are good enough; please specify your model of QCX :
                                   QCX, QCX Plus or QCX Mini (or QSX when it’s available).



·         Work a non-QCX operator – 1 point per QSO

·         Work a QCX operator, but one or both stations in the QSO are using an amplifier – 3 points per QSO

·         Work a QCX operator, and BOTH sides are using QRP power – 5 points per QSO.

Note: scoring is for fun, and to get an idea of who participated. This is a party, not intended to be a serious contest!

Scores: please submit your score to 3830scores.com , and give some detail of your station, power, antenna, etc. in the comment field.

Logs: Not required.

Remember, the important thing is to be active, explore the limits of your QCX and have fun on the bands.


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