Re: Upgrading Firmware with Raspberry Pi?

James Daldry W4JED

Hi, Ted

Works fine if:

1. You have Windows on your computer (I don't).

2. You trust Zadig not to be trojaned (Solar Winds, anyone?).

3. You trust Extreme Burner not to be trojaned (ditto).  Burner comes from a small company with, most likely, a non-existent IT staff. The Solar Winds fiasco got Microsoft's source code repository hacked. At least they spotted it and cleaned it up, so your Windows updates aren't trojaning you computer.

Between the deliberate back doors (we must make the software accessible to law enforcement) and the sloppy coding (it's been years since there was a monthly update with less than 100 patches) I decided I could live without Windows back in 2007. Since I don't have an Apple budget, I went the Linux route. Haven't had to clean up adware, viruses, spyware since 2007. Also, haven't had to replace a dead hard drive since 2007. Coincidence? I think not.



On 1/8/21 6:03 PM, Ted 2E0THH wrote:

I don't know if this would be of any interest, but using this firmware upgrade method takes me 2 mins and is simple
Link to instructions
Link to all the files you need 

73s Ted

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