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geoff M0ORE

I think your number 5 should be number 1 then 2 and then new 1 again, and again.

the excellent manuals are only any good if you read EVERY word, don't skim and then expect others to do what you should have done in the first place.

Download the manual when you place the order and read it thoroughly while patiently waiting for the kit to arrive.

On 15/12/2020 14:46, Tim Boyer wrote:

Hello to all,

I have been following this group for nearly 2 years now. I do not own a QCX. I’m interested in radio history and this group offered a good opportunity to follow the evolution (or devolution depending on how you look at it) of what happens when someone who is very smart and passionate about radio decides to turn a hobby into a business. I have found so far that when a large group of like-minded individuals get together, work together, and help each other—innovation happens. However, this same group can also destroy innovation and signal the end of a fine product and small business. And my observation so far has been that this business might be in jeopardy. Why? Because resources (both materials and manpower) appear to be stretched to their limits. And I hate to see this happen.

The primary problem I see is that of human nature: Hans offers great customer service, but has a sizable population of very, very needy customers. We are in an age once again where customers are looking for immediate gratification and treats every business as if it were a giant like Amazon. I am amazed by the fervor of customers worried about what sequence number their rig will be and exactly when it will arrive. Another problem is off-topic discussions. Imagine running a business and having to check hundreds (at least) of email messages weekly just to stay on track with the customers and answering questions. There’s also the fact that bad components do happen and not everyone has the skills to build a rig correctly the first attempt at it—but expect personal service to fix their problem rather than take a step back and try to diagnose the problem themselves.

My recommendations:

1. Practice Patience: your kit will arrive and will be of good quality. Christmas is the season of delays and COVID has made it worse.
2. Go through past posts before asking ANY question.
3. Unless you are skilled at radio electronics, never buy the first run of kits—there will always be bugs to work out.
4. If you are not skilled at radio electronics and you did buy the first run of kits, put it in a drawer and wait until the other kit owners start reporting potential problems before stating on your build.
5. Study the manual thoroughly. Be sure you understand how the radio works and what each component does before soldering the components.
6. Think of the business owner before you think of yourself. Hans has certainly put his customers first.

My two-cents worth, but I hope this at least helps keep what otherwise looks like a very good group of people.

P.S. I did finally order my first rig from Hans and am cautiously optimistic about its arrival.

73 all,


On Dec 15, 2020, at 8:48 AM, Hans Summers <hans.summers@...> wrote:

...because dear, we had 1,000 QCX-mini orders in under 4 days. And by now we have 1,300 orders in the first 2 weeks of December, compared to a normal order volume of around 500 a month, and a previous record of 832 orders in August 2017, the month the original QCX made its debut. 

...and then taking 1,000 QCX-mini orders is just the start. Soon after that, 200 emails come in from people who made a mistake in their haste and want to change their order. 
I ordered 30m, I meant to click 40m, can you change it for me? 
I forgot to add the TCXO I meant to click.
I forgot to click on the enclosure.
I clicked on the enclosure AS WELL AS added it separately, I don't want two.
I clicked all over the place and ordered all kinds of things I didn't intend to.
I clicked hardly anywhere and didn't get half of what I wanted.
I changed my mind about changing the band to 40m, can you change it back to 30m?
I don't see the transaction on my credit card statement can you check? 
The bank charged me twice. 
I didn't get a confirmation email and I've never heard of spam filters. 
I've changed my mind again, actually I really do want 40m, change it one last time.
The dog ate my telephone and I need funds to buy a new one, please cancel.
I forgot how to spell my name and typed the wrong thing in the order form. 
My telephone number isn't what I said it was. 
etc etc. 

...and then eventually when you start to finally manage to ship some, another 250 emails:
I received my shipment notification email yesterday, why does it still say collecting? 
TNT estimated delivery today but it still says collecting. 
How long do you think it will take? 
How long will it take? 
When will you deliver my ASSEMBLED QCX-mini order? 
Why is it coming via USPS from Missouri?
etc etc. 

...and after another day elapses, then the next 450 emails start:
Why haven't you shipped my order yet, is everything OK? 
When are you going to ship my order? 
How are you going to send my kit? 
What if I change address in 5.313 days from now, can you route it to the new place?
My order ID is NNNNN, where am I in line? 
I ordered in the first 4 minutes, why hasn't my order shipped yet? 
Etc etc.

...meanwhile, since all the kits were sold out in under 4 days, fun fun it's time to start buying kits for another batch. And all the other kits which also ran out, or almost ran out, because people ordered them alongside their kits. Of course, it's nearly Christmas and nobody wants to do anything. Some suppliers are now out of stock. Nobody can ship anything anywhere because all the planes are full. 
Etc etc. 

...and then, just about when you started to give up on ever catching up on the volume of email flooding your inbox, a few people started to receive their kit and actually build it, and when they finished, hey they manage to smoke it. Not that I ever did in building or dev or testing but hey, there are more than one of them so it pays to take it seriously even if it is midnight and you were just about to go to sleep already. So figure out a solution to that. And then eventually 4.5 hours later, finally lay in bed mulling over the situation. And wondering if it really might have been a good idea all those years back to do an Electrical Engineering degree at university rather than Physics, so maybe you'd know something about how rubbish SMD capacitors could be. But then on the other hand you've never met an EE yet, or a Comp Sci major, who knew their posterior from their elbow, let alone what to do with either, so what hope is there that they'd know anything about SMD capacitors anyway? With all due apologies to the assembled EE and Comp Sci masses in the current audience, no offence intended, the opinions expressed herein may not be representative of the management, etc etc. I am merely relating what passed through my 98% delirious mind just before sleep finally took over, for a whole 10 minutes until the tinest cutest lab tech decided he'd been asleep a whole hour and who needs to sleep more than 1 hour at a time anyway? Sleep is grossly overrated by all those grown-ups. Zzzzz....

Ladies and Gentlemen, in summary:


73 Hans G0UPL

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