QCX-mini availability date: 03-Dec-2020 at 1900Z

Hans Summers

Hi all

I'm pleased to announce that QCX-mini will be available in the QRP Labs shop tomorrow Thursday 03-Dec-2020 at 1900Z (timed to provide reasonably equal chronological opportunity for QRP Labbers on both sides of the Atlantic, and with all due apologies to our friends in APAC). 

The first kits will be shipped on Friday. We recommend the FedEx shipment option which on average takes around 4 business days. In the event of high demand we will do our best but inevitably there may be some delay. 

I have built several QCX-mini successfully since they arrived on Monday. There were some last minute troubles, I had made a few errors in the BOM so we had an incorrect part and a few missing ones... but I have been able to obtain these swiftly locally here. Luckily my XYL's cousin owns a hardware store in town so was able to help us get the needed nuts and screws quickly. 

QCX-mini is a real beauty, I think you're going to love it! 

The QCX-mini kit will be priced US$55 the same as the QCX+; the optional enclosure will be $20. The QCX-mini is also compatible with the QCX+ TCXO module $8.25 and has a PTT output for the 50W PA kit. 

Attached shows the QCX-mini 40m I built; I built a 20m one too and both produce 5.0W at 12V supply after adjustment. Attached photos also show the chaotic scene here in QRP Labs Towers right now. 

73 Hans G0UPL

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