Re: HOW TO MAKE a multi-band portable field antenna for NO tuner needed for forthcoming QCX mini #sota #antennalaunching #qcx40 #building #transformer

Marek SP9TKW

Those ultra-mini transformers on BNC connector are very cute, but have one major drawback IMO. Because they are attached directly to the TRX, therefore they are at the ground level when oparating. Although this might improve SWR, it will dramatically reduce your antenna gain. Coupled this with low efficiency of a such small transformer a lot of potential transmited RF is lost.

I am not against EFHW, I love them and I am using one myself during my SOTA activations. My favourite is a short version of EFHW4010 (with 34uH coil). I often set it up on 13.5mtr DX-Wire mast as vertical. Transformer is 1.5mtr off the ground and I have 8mtr of coax lying on the ground.

73 de Marek SP9TKW

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