Re: QCX v.1 swap enclosure to mimic QCX+

Al Holt

My repackaging project is just about complete, shown below with it's younger brother. I abandoned the idea of using the tactile pushbutton switches due to space constraints. The Hammond enclosure I chose is built with good quality aluminum and excellent anodizing. However, it is designed with only one top lid OR bottom tray depending your preference. Their preference seems to be as a tray, and the way I first tried mounting the mainboard but realized the 'tray' approach leaves you no way to access the internals without a complete disassembly of front and rear panels. Since I had drilled out mounting holes in the lid, I'm using them two as pulling points to ease removal of the rather tight fitting panel.

The Hammond case is not as tall as the the QRP Labs' case and that put a damper on mounting the pushbuttons below the display board. The volume control and encoder are just a hair too close, but the stock QRP Labs knobs fit well enough.

Considering I spent about a day and a half carefully measuring, drilling, and filing I have come to appreciate the excellent job Hans did with his enclosure. I've got some ideas on adding labeling and going to see if any of the local 'trophy' shops are set up to engrave the front panel of mine. I also think I can do a printed graphic version to apply over the faceplate. For now, it's a good start.




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