Re: looking for technics to replacing the IC4 FST3253

Bob M.

If you're going to be doing ANY SMD repair, definitely buy a Chip-Quik kit. It comes with liquid flux, which you apply before removing the IC, and before soldering on the new one. As the old IC is already bad, there's no real reason to save it, so you could just cut the leads off and remove each lead separately from the board, but with Chip-Quik it much easier to heat all the pins on one side and have them stay molten while you bend the chip up slightly. Remove the rest of the solder with solder wick or a vacuum desoldering tool. With the use of Chip-Quik, you CAN reuse some components, even though some mfgrs don't recommend it.

I found it difficult to re-solder some new SMD parts due to the closeness of the pins. You can flood all the pins with solder, then use solder wick to suck up the excess, leaving a thin film between the pins and solder pads. Just use a low enough iron temperature so it melts the solder and doesn't do any further damage.

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