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Thanks, Hans,

Then I'd like to keep it as it is- I want to be able to try contacts withe everyone at QRP one time, then with the 50 Watt PA on a different day with everyone at the higher power level...


On Nov 5, 2020 at 01:06, Hans Summers <hans.summers@...> wrote:

A new poll has been created:

Hi all,
Hans has allowed me to setup a poll about the QCX Challenge/QSO Party
My personal observation is that not too many people really participate in the Challenge (very strange, with more than 11000 QCX's sold ...). Correct me if I'm wrong.
I also noticed that some of the regulars (e.g. GM0EUL, OK2BQN) were not spotted during the QCX QRO sessions, they probably have no amplifier and so weren't there.
So I made a suggestion to join both sessions, QRP & QRO into one monthly session (each last monday), with a new , but still simple scoring system.
See, for the rules as they are now.
Note that in the QRP session, a QCX + amplifier does NOT count for 3 points.
The new scoring would be:
- Only ops using a QCX can put their scores online and claim points
- Working any non-QCX station is 1 point
- Working another QCX, but one or both stations are using an amplifier, is 3 points
- QCX to QCX and BOTH are "true" QRP is 5 points
Hans would prefer to let "the masses speak", hence this poll. Make your VOTE count!

1. I like it as it is, I want no change
2. I prefer ONE session a month, mixing QRP and QRO, with the new scoring
3. I prefer TWO sessions a month (I have a lot of spare time), also mixing QRP and QRO in both sessions, with the new scoring
4. I don't care, I stuffed my QCX under a mattress

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