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"Posters on this and some other lists may have bibles that say QRP is always 5 watts or less. So that is what it probably means here. In the wider universe - probably not.
Bill KU8H"

No bibles and the wider universe probably agrees with the logic.
I am not sure when QRP , as it is now recognised, actually started. I do know the G-QRP club started somewhere about the mid 1970's. QRP power levels are widely recognised and where agreed upon many years ago. Organisations in many countries agreed on what power levels constituted QRP and it is widely known and understood today.

There is no ambivalence and no "bibles" it is just commonly understood and agreed power levels that constitute QRP. It's an ethos as much as anything and anyone who ever considered 50 watts or more as QRP has never taken onboard the ethos. The thing is... you don't have to abide by the rules but if you don't then you can't claim to be running QRP.

In the USA and UK your licence requires you to use "the minimum amount of power necessary to carry out the necessary communication"  I doubt 1 kw is normally needed !

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