Re: QCX+ and QLG1 GPS issue

Hans Summers

Hi Michael 

Thanks for the very nice feedback. The manual is good, but where it can be improved I'm pleased to take the feedback to make it better still. There's a huge amount of work behind these kits and all by me, so I'm not surprised if sometimes there are errors or omissions, or something could be expressed more clearly. 

Regarding your "no fixes" problem this is simply a problem in the firmware with parsing the GPS serial data. The display f-- is incorrect. I found the solution only recently and implemented it in firmware version 1.06. Your QLG1 GPS is certainly using satellites in its position fix computation, at least 4... if it is not, it cannot display the A or produce a 1pps signal (green flashing LED). The problem is just a firmware bug which in some circumstances prevents the information being properly parsed and displayed. (Don't bother to take it to an open space, it won't change anything). 

Have fun!

73 Hans G0UPL 

On Fri, Nov 6, 2020, 18:35 Michael Greene <kn6ize@...> wrote:
Thank you for being so amazingly attentive to the quality of your product. One of the very best parts of this quality is the manual. Please don't take my explanation as a criticism in any way, only a description of why I mis-interpreted things because I did not fully understand how the radio was designed to handle the multi-use of the paddle inputs.
In some happy news, I am now able to use 8.11 and 8.12 successfully. Also, in Beacon mode, I see the GPS is now updating the grid square and clock. On menu 8.13, it shows an A for valid reading and shows the number of satellites and signal strength. I'm not yet getting any fixes, but the GPS is inside my house, so I need to take it to a spot where I know it has a clear shot and see if that helps. In any case, I think I'm good enough to operate the way I want to.
Next up, I'm thinking to couple the QRP Labs clock with another QLG1 GPS and I'll have a super shack clock.
Thanks for all your patience and explanation. Being new to ham radio and building, I am really pleased with your support and the products you offer and the amazingly helpful community in this group.

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