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Mike Easterbrook

Hi Hans
Excellent video.  I have been more or less following this procedure for the various builds I have done but will follow in detail in future.  Main exception is that I have been starting adjustments at L2 as I have found that with 20m versions this had greater effect than L1 and L3.  Am currently repurposing one of my spare 20 m boards for 30 m.  I haven't seen much correspondence regarding low power for this version but have found <1W output as built maxing at <2W with coil adjustment.  What I did notice eventually was an increase in output of about 15% with extended key down (maybe 5 - 6 sec) with C25/26 getting too hot to touch.  I am guessing that these (560 pF) caps were LPF "spares" from the original 20 m kits purchased in Jan 19.  Wondering if there have been any similar reports.  For my 20 m  board I replaced with Vishay 390 pF from Digikey and bulked up to minimum order with other bits.  This time I have no other needs from Digikey but have been unable to find any Vishay equivalents locally (RS or Farnell).  USD 30+ for 2x560 pF caps is a bit steep for a $50 rig.  Slight saving grace with previous Digikey purchase was the delivery door to door US - Malaysia in 4 days - this typically beats the local guys by several days - impressive!
Anyone have any better suggestions for this difficulty?
Thanks Mike 9M2LXM


On Fri, Oct 9, 2020 at 3:06 AM Hans Summers <hans.summers@...> wrote:

Here's the video of the talk and discussion, link is below.

I am also uploading it to the QRP Labs YouTube channel. 

73 Hans G0UPL 

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Below is the Video Link and related information for Wednesday, October 7 QRP Labs presentation 

  Topic: QRP Labs products and kit building discussion. 
  Speaker:  Hans Summers, G0UPL - QRP Labs -
  Note: Hans provided this presentation from his home in Turkey

Documents Attached: Zoom CHAT and product brochure

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