Re: QCX+ Menu Button problem

Shane Justice <justshane@...>

When I assembled the front panel to the panel pcb, I noticed the left push button was sticking- I could press it, but it could not return to its un pressed state. Readjusting the front panel released the side force on the button and allowed it to return to its unpressed state. Make sure the button makes a nice audible click on pressing it and releasing it.

If all this doesn't work, try an ohm meter across the contacts of the switch and make sure it makes and breaks the continuity. If it remains open pressed or in pressed, or remains closed pressed or unpressed, replace the switch.

I hope this helps.


On Oct 17, 2020 at 03:59, William Bradley via <w.r.bradley@...> wrote:

Have just assembled the QCX+ for 30m band, it passed the smoke test, the LCD displays properly, was able to select the band, then I found that the menu button did not work.  I reflowed the solder joints on the button but that made no difference.

Any ideas please?  Thanks

Roger mi0wwb

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