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Jerry Gaffke

Shane Justice wrote:  "there was a period of time where cell boosters were marketed as boosting cell phone performance in rural areas. I've never known anyone to try them."

A quick look on the web tells me that time is now.

Our Verizon tower is 40 air miles away, and we've got a ridge in the way to where we aren't quite line of sight.
A yagi on the roof and a sub $100 cell phone booster gave us a much needed voice link for years.

The cheap ones are single band, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what frequency you need to cover.
Cell phone companies do their best to hide those details so as not to confuse us.
And booster manufacturers are happy to help us out by building $500 systems
that try to work simultaneously on almost all possible cell phone frequencies.

Jerry,  KE7ER

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