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Jim Mcilroy

Well Hans - I admire your patience and integrity.

When I encounter delays now and then the integrity of the sending party is the key thing when I have to ask them about a shipment.

On my marked card list are two particular vendors.

One sent me a Post Office tracking number and then spent a couple of weeks finding the software I'd ordered so he could sell it to me despite saying he had it in stock. The local post office once gave me half a dozen tracking stickers so I could prep parcels before bringing them down, so I can see how the vendor tried it on with that one.

The second declared stock on Amazon, and then spent a couple of weeks getting hold of the goods. The vendor assurances forwarded by Amazon were most elegant in their presentation.

At the end of the day though some people are just liars and unreconstructed PITAs.



On 01/10/2020 15:55, Hans Summers wrote:
Hi all

I have decided to disable the untracked, unregistered, uninsured, "your risk" shipping option in the QRP Labs shop - which I had anyway only made available for low weight items. I had introduced this untracked shipping service at the same time I introduced the FedEx Express (TNT) courier option). 

Sadly, a number of people evidently appear unable to parse the description of this lowest cost post office airmail shipping, and then they later email me asking for the tracking code, where is the package, when will it arrive, etc. Furthermore, and also sadly, during the Covid19 pandemic post office delivery to a lot of places has been unbelievably slow. All of which is outside my control.

I have become tired of explaining to people what "untracked, unregistered, uninsured, your risk" means, even though I wrote it all on the shipping FAQ... and recommending that they use FedEx Express (TNT) next time which takes around 4 business days and costs only a few $ more. But what tipped me over the edge, is a long chain of correspondence with a rather angry customer who wasn't a fan of the "coronavirus excuse" and who failed a PayPal claim for a refund. I repeatedly mentioned that we have had many reports of multi-week or even multi-month post office deliveries and he had not even waited the amount of time that it used to take, pre-pandemic... and I had to keep explaining we don't have a tracking number, because he chose the option without tracking. Then I had to explain all this again and again to the PayPal robots. I even provided and uploaded our proof of posting. 

But today I received PayPal's judgement on the case, which is in favour of the Buyer, because I had not provided proof of delivery. I filed an appeal stating again that there is NO proof of delivery, the Buyer chose unregistered untracked and he just needs to wait longer anyway already... but my appeal was rejected too. So they did the refund. And almost certainly the buyer will get the package too, when he's waited longer. 

So now there are two options: post office tracked, and FedEx Express (TNT). 

Makes me sad. But there it is. Life. Worst things happen, I guess. But I don't want to waste valuable scarce time and energy on that kind of stuff. 

73 Hans G0UPL

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