Re: QCX-mini update: solving the microphonics problem

Hans Summers

Hello Jerry
Your Japanese co-workers were probably just trying to avoid that weird gaijin.
They know all about tightly packed methods of transport.
For those that don't, do a google image search for "Tokyo Train Pushers".

I spent all of 1989 in Tokyo, making a transfer between trains in Shinjuku 
on my way to and from work.  Can't recall ever encountering any of those white
gloved pushers.  But did encounter many extremely crowded trains and subways.

In 5.5 years of daily subway commute, I never once saw anyone being pushed into trains with poles. I suppose they must exist somewhere and documentary makers know where to go and hunt for it hi hi. Rush-hour was crowded, yes. Not worse than London. 

73 Hans G0UPL

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