Re: QCX LPF adjustments

Hans Summers

Hi Syd
As I understand this, pull out the LCD and then power it up. So no menu, and it will operate in default mode/frequency? Sending and receiving? In the QCX units there is a straight key, so I guess that it is used to get power out, and measure the power through the dummy load power pins to do the adjustment? But in the QCX+ version there is no key and the LCD is part of a PCB. So set it up for a straight key, unplug the LCD module, power up and use a straight key to get power output? Maybe it is feasible to do this procedure with the QCX+ version? I will probably have to work around the power button.

When there is no LCD connected, the QCX/QCX+/QCX-mini doesn't care. It just operates as though the LCD is there. It powers up and provided it is not the first time (when you must choose the band of operation), it will operate at the default VFO frequency etc which you have set up. Then you can tweak LPFs etc. 

But I do not understand why you would need to do this on the QCX+ where the LCD is on a separate, perpendicular board, and does not impede access to the LPF toroids? 

73 Hans G0UPL

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