Re: QCX-mini update

K2DB Paul Mackanos

Would it be possible for everybody to not ask Hans about adding, changing, doing anything different with the QCX mini. I would say, at this point in the design and development and debugging of the new proposed product is already past the stage where he can make any changes. Let him do his wonderful work and get this project finished and out the door so we can order one, and have a wonderful time building and enjoying it on the air !
We are amateur radio operators, experimenters, home brewers, etc., and hopefully not an appliance operator. If we don’t like a piece of equipment the way we bought it, there’s something we do about it, we modify it, then we put it on the group messages and let people know what we did to personalize it for our own use.

Paul K2DB 😎

On Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 9:37 AM Brent DeWitt <bdewitt@...> wrote:
Would it be possible to add an edge mount SMA layout underneath the BNC?
Brent DeWitt, AB1LF
Milford, MA

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