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Graham, VE3GTC

here is a link the latest Fair-Rite ferrite components catalog ( 17th edition) right from the Fair-Rite web page:

and a link to some interesting technical articles:

and here is where you can request a catalog:

Also, Mouser and Digikey are also good sources for Fair-Rite products.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

On Sun, Sep 20, 2020 at 7:33 AM Timothy Fidler <engstr@...> wrote:
Whoa.. Jakob

This is the EDN 15 which is the dumbed down version of the earlier  catalog as it were

BUT The GENIUSes at Fair RITE took out the curves which I cut and pasted and presented between editions.  Possibly because people were having 
a hard time reproducing them experimentally or for instance basing copper tube Power amp transformers on the curves,
which would be total corruption of the intent of the data.

Why don't you email them and ask them for a copy of the  14th EDN as a PDF ?  They might even send you a hard copy if they still have any spare.

Explain why.  Don't zoom  things and bitch too much . You got them for free. 

I may well have said on the file posting where the  data came from - I can't check without risk of loss of this edit .  OVer to you . 

I did try to email you a copy of cat 14  but I did a purge of all my fat emails recently,  so I can't prove it went out.

Meilleurs Voeux !    TEF

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