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I wonder what value Hans meant?- Value could also point to the wattage capacity of the resistor, or the tolerance. I doubt he would specify a resistance value and then comment it doesn't matter. He may have meant any value in the ranger of 100k- say 90k to 120k.

Probably best for Hans to say what value was noncritical, and provide some additional detail.

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In the paper Hans put out on the PTT mod to the QCX for use with the 50W PA, he describes a hardware mod
 by adding a 10K resistor (value entirely uncritical) between the RX signal and +5V. My question is this:
- my junk box has 100, 100k and 1k resistors.
 - so Hans says value uncritical- so would any of these I have work in this application?

73 Paul

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